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The Clarity Concept

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You can click here for a Quick Introduction to The Clarity Concept.



In the early 1990's Dr Jon White and David Phillips began work on a methodology to aid in the identification of social groups to aid practitioners working in the fields of Public Relations, Stakeholder Management and Sociology.


Today, as management and economic theory has become aware of the importance and Value of relationships, the Clarity Concept, is available to map the relative significant publics and stakeholders affecting issues and organisations.


There are many approaches available and the one that most appealed was a process that would bring out both explicit and tacit knowledge from groups of people. This approach was to use a process called Visualisation.


This led to the development of computer programmes, based on the Clarity Concept, to aid benchmarking, planning, management and evaluation of publics, stakeholders and other social groups.


Working with John Braga, an inspired software developer, the Concept developed to allow group discussion to make judgements between the relative significance of social groups in an interactive visual environment. From this development, the Clarity Concept is able to provide reports and statistic about social groups affecting organisations.


The approach combines a wide range of academic research from a number of disciples and we provide bibliographic references and links to the centres of excellence that have been of assistance.

Concept Overview

Stakeholder Map

Social Groups

Social segmentation


Value of relationships

Cognitive approaches


Focus Groups

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