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Strategy Applications

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A model for using stakeholder analysis in corporate strategy development can use The Clarity Concept as part of the process.


In strategy development there is a routine. Many organisations regularly review their vision by asking 'what is our business' or 'what is our purpose' in order to identify 'An Image of the future we seek to create'.


This is done as society and organisations morph and change to meet the expectation of stakeholders and to respond to their cultural needs and aspirations.


Knowing what this purpose is and the vision it offers requires a review of the stakeholders affected and their relative significance to purpose and vision.


Using an approach such as The Clarity Concept, a stakeholder map emerges as does an overview of the stakeholders involved.


Relations with stakeholders can, in general, be identified but within a stakeholder relationship there may be issues that cause dissonance. Once again the application of the The Clarity Concept can be used to identify such dissonance.


With this data available (and using software like Publigram this can emerge as statistical data) it is then possible to create (SMART) objectives for each stakeholder group.


The processes for strategic and tactical management for such objectives might then follow any of the models that are commonly available for stakeholder relationship management.

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