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Historical background


The Clarity Concept


Concept Overview

1. Stakeholder Analysis

1.1 Stakeholder Map

1.2. Strategic Implications

2. Social Groups

2.1. Social segmentation

2.2. Stakeholders

3. Value of relationships

4. Cognitive approaches

4.1 Visualisation

4.2 Focus Groups

4.3 Importance, Influence and Attitude


Concept in Context


Academic Resources




Stakeholder Seminars


1. Seminar content

1.1 Stakeholder Theory and Practice

1.2 Stakeholder Theory Applied to Corporate Governance

1.3 Stakeholder analysis for Corporate Social Responsibility

1.4 Stakeholder analysis for issues management

1.5 Stakeholder theory applied to brand management

1.4 Who Makes the Decisions

1.5 Introducing Focus Group Aids for Stakeholder Mapping

1.6 Using Stakeholder modelling software

1.7 Hands-on application

Strategy Applications






About Us


The Consultants


Jon White Peter Prowse David Phillips Dejan Verčič


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