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The Clarity Concept is applicable for a number of approaches to defining Stakeholders.


When looking at stakeholders from an organisational perspective, the organisation is regarded as an entity with a number of stakeholders where there is dependency in three forms:


*A dependence by the organisation on the stakeholder

*A dependency on the organisation by stakeholders

*An interdependency between the organisation and the stakeholder.


In most cases there is a level of interdependency but this is not always the case.


When creating a stakeholder map in such a case the visualisation provided by Publigram envisions the organisation at the centre surrounded by its stakeholders. This visualisation is shown with the importance of the stakeholder represented as by the size of an icon, Influence is represented by the nearness of the stakeholder icon to the organisation and attitude is represented in colour.


An example of a Stakeholder map looks like this:




One of the advantages of using Publigram is that it translates the visualisation which is created by the Focus Groups into a statistical report.


Such a report would include an output like the one below.



This approach differs when using Publigram for stakeholder analysis of Issues.

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