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In working with Focus Groups we have, from time to time found it important to define what we mean.


It may be helpful for people working in this area to consider how to define Influence (and Importance and Attitude)


In working on projects to identify an Organisations' stakeholders, Focus Groups may want to provide evidence of and agree as a Focus Groups that the definition includes the power of the Stakeholders to produce effects; or that the nature of the Stakeholders is that they can exercise indirect power to sway or affect Organisations.


You may also want to consider influence in terms of:

  1. To what extent is this Stakeholders necessary to producing effects or is affective?
  2. To what extent is this Stakeholders capable of affecting the value of our Organisations?
  3. To what extent does this Stakeholders change how the Organisations does things. now?
  4. To what extent is this Stakeholders likely to determine events or actions?
  5. To what extent does this Stakeholders have a significant reputation/profile
  6. To what extent does this Stakeholders affect Organisationsal or management change


Can this Stakeholders be described in terms of: control, effect, sway govern, regulate, rule, command, dominate, direct, manage, check, repress, curb, mastery, direction, restraint, superintend, restrain , consequence, evoke, cause, determine. affect, actuate, impel, impress, persuade.

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