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In all stakeholder management activities,

the first essential is to identify the stakeholder groups.


This is what the Clarity Concept does.


You can click here for a Quick Introduction to The Clarity Concept.


Identify your stakeholders

  • Audit stakeholder relations
  • Quantify stakeholder value
  • Benchmark stakeholder relationships
  • Develop stakeholder models and scenarios
  • Use highly skilled and experienced specialists.



This site is about The Clarity Concept, an approach to social group mapping for Public Relations practitioners, Stakeholder Relationship Managers and social scientists.


The Clarity Concept provides the essential strategic basis from which all Public Relations and Stakeholder Management programmes are developed. The Strategic Implications are important for short campaigns, longer programmes and for issues and crisis management, negotiation analysis and particularly for M&A's.



Here we provide information about relevant rearch, applications, Consultants and software to aid decision making into the significance of social groups affecting issues and organisations.


The Clarity Concept


A review of The Clarity Concept at Intelligent Measurement



An approach to Stakeholder Management described in this blog post.



The resources here fall into broad headings:


Historical background


Some comments about the evolution of the The Clarity Concept


The Clarity Concept


An explanation about it.


Academic Resources


A resource for people who want to know the academic provenance of The Clarity Concept


Stakeholder Seminars


Oneday short course on stakeholder theory and stakeholder mapping and analysis




This is a computer programme to aid identification, benchmarking and evaluation of social groups (publics, stakeholders and other groups). It is used for strategic decison making and analysis of groups that affect organisations.


About Us


About the people and how to contact us.





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